Siddharth Zarabi

Mastering the new media algorithm: Indian media at crossroads

Jan 30 2018

It is probably clear to most Indian media companies that their nemesis is not a rival newspaper, TV channel or website, but tech’s T-Rexes – read Google and Facebook.

Jammu & Kashmir: no point in a minstrel talking to a wastrel

Oct 24 2017

For the nation’s sake, better informed anchors and guests are extremely necessary if the debate must contribute to the hope that the valley emerges from the sorrow.

Neither PM Modi nor RBI's Patel able to justify demonetisation

Jan 04 2017

Chidambaram says RBI has surrendered its autonomy and independence to the government.

RBI central in enabling demonetisation, had doubts over implementation

Dec 29 2016

It is clear that the institution and its leadership was fully involved in the decision making process for four months prior to November 8.

Demonetisation a big bold step, Budget must roll out stimulus

Dec 27 2016

Reliance Capital chief investment strategist Madhusudan Kela says government is in a “sweet spot” and has space to roll out stimulus in the Budget.

Demonetisation, GST will widen tax base: Bibek Debroy

Dec 26 2016

Debroy says demonetisation is not a magic wand that solves things overnight. This is a trigger for an institutional change.

Demonetisation won't impact RBI balance sheet

Dec 22 2016

Even if all the old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes do not come back to RBI, such notes will still remain as the liabilities of RBI.

Month after demonetisation, Rs 15,150 cr of new Rs 500 notes printed

Dec 22 2016

Scarcity of new Rs 500 notes was due to the fact that final decision to print large volumes was only taken after Nov 8.

Rajan's RBI mooted Rs 5000, Rs 10,000 notes, Modi zeroed in on Rs 2000

Dec 22 2016

The decision was originally supposed to have been announced on Nov 18, but PM Modi preponed it due to leak of the Rs 2,000 note.

Remonetising India post Modi’s Ctrl + Alt + Delete moment

Dec 21 2016

By now it is amply clear that the process of remonetising India is going to be long drawn out and may not bring back the entire Rs 15.44 lakh crore of junked currency.