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Dell partners with Chakr Innovation to curb air pollution

Jul 15 2018

With the aim of creating awareness about rising air pollution levels, technology major Dell organised an experimental event in collaboration with tech start-up Chakr Innovation which converts diesel soot into ink (POINK) through their retro-fit emission control device for diesel generators.

Niti proposes 15-point action plan to deal with air pollution

Jul 11 2018

Niti Aayog has proposed 15-point action plan for combating air pollution in ten most polluted cities in the country, including Delhi, Kanpur and Varanasi.

Air pollution linked to diabetes, India at greater risk: Lancet

Jun 30 2018

Outdoor air pollution even at levels deemed safe may be associated with an increased risk of diabetes globally, with India being at a greater risk due to lack of air cleaning policies, scientists said in a report in Lancet.

Outdoor air pollution killed 4.2mn people in 2016: UN report

Jun 21 2018

Such large number of deaths took place due to high levels of ambient air pollution globally, the report says

Delhi's air quality remains severe for fourth day

Jun 15 2018

Delhi's air quality remained severe even as authorities expressed hope that the condition would improve with strong winds expected to clear the stagnant air.

UK government launches plan to curb air pollution

May 22 2018

The British government announced on Tuesday it was launching a new plan which aims to reduce air pollution and its costs on society by 1 billion pounds ($1.4 billion) a year by 2020.

With world's worst air, Kanpur struggles to track pollution

May 15 2018

In the world’s most polluted city, Kanpur in northern India, the biggest hospital is so overcrowded with patients with respiratory ailments that they are often bedded in the ophthalmology ward.

PVR launches smog-free auditorium

Apr 23 2018

With the aim to combat indoor air pollution, cinema exhibition company PVR Ltd rolled out its "clean air theatre" concept by launching the "Audit-Air-Ium" theatre.

Over 95% of world's population breathing unhealthy air

Apr 18 2018

More than 95 pc of the world's population is breathing unhealthy air, with India and China jointly contributing to over 50 pc of global deaths attributed to pollution.

China cuts smog but health damage already done: Study

Apr 18 2018

China faces about 1.6 million premature deaths a year as a result of air pollution, the US-based Health Effects Institute (HEI) said in a report.

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