German conservatives urge SPD to approve further coalition talks

Jan 18 2018

Merkel’s top Bavarian ally, has told the centre-left SPD they will plunge Germany into political crisis if at Sunday’s specially convened party meeting.

German conservatives seek to allay SPD fears over coalition deal

Jan 15 2018

A senior member of Germany’s conservatives said a blueprint on forming a coalition government with the Social Democrats (SPD) would be further refined.

Berlin and Paris step up push for euro zone reform deal

Jan 15 2018

Germany and France will try to inject new momentum into their stalled EU reform efforts this week when their finance ministers meet in Paris.

Macron welcomes Merkel's deal with SPD, says good for Europe

Jan 12 2018

Macron welcomed a deal in Germany between Chancellor Angela Merkel and SPD on opening government talks, saying the provisional terms of the deal were good for Europe.

German coalition deal beneficial for Europe: EU's Juncker

Jan 12 2018

“In terms of the substance I‘m very happy with what the CDU/CSU and the SPD have agreed,” Juncker said.

German parties offer first response to Macron on Europe

Jan 12 2018

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives and the centre-left SPD pledged to work closely with France to strengthen the euro zone.

'Merkel's conservatives, SPD agree German coalition blueprint'

Jan 12 2018

Merkel’s conservatives and the SPD agreed after all-night talks to a blueprint for formal coalition negotiations, bolstering prospects for an political uncertainty.

Twenty-one hours and counting: German coalition talks drag on

Jan 12 2018

Merkel’s conservatives and SPD worked through the night to resolve differences on taxes, migration and other issues blocking formation of a new “grand coalition” govt.

Merkel sees a hard day in crunch German coalition talks

Jan 11 2018

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her conservative bloc and SPD still had high hurdles to clear before they could agree to enter formal coalition talks.

Social Democrats wary as coalition talks enter crunch stage

Jan 10 2018

SPD sounded downbeat about their coalition talks with conservatives, a day before both camps decide whether they want to move to formal negotiations for a new govt.

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